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Dapper Dan

Start To Finish Bundle

£26.95 GBP

Are you looking for a complete styling package?

Which preps, styles and locks in your look for the entire day?

Look no further than our Start To Finish Bundle!

The bundle includes:
Dapper Dan Sea Salt Spray

One of our 100ml Styling Tins - Matt Paste, Matt Clay, Ultra Matte Clay, Deluxe Pomade or Heavy Hold Pomade

Dapper Dan Fixing Spray

Which of the styling tins is best for my look?

  • Matt Paste - Great for strong, reworkable hold. Whether you're wanting a messy style, quiff or parting, this matte look product is for you! A great all-rounder.
  • Matt Clay - Amazing strong hold, perfect for those who want the same, matte look all day long.
  • Ultra Matte Clay - Awesome for short, messy crops. Immediate grip and hold, with an ultra-dry finish.
  • Deluxe Pomade - Slick back your hair in the classic, greaser look. Great, strong hold, get your hair ready in the morning and it'll stay the same all day long!
  • Heavy Hold Pomade - The classic oil-based pomade experience, but water soluble! Rework throughout the day with a comb, it's flexible with a high shine.