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The First ever Kuts 4 Kids campaign comes to a close

Posted by Simon May on
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Like all good things, Dapper Dan’s first-ever Kuts 4 Kids campaign has come to an end. This year, Dapper Dan helped facilitate hundreds of back-to-school haircuts for underprivileged children across the UK, from Cornwall to Inverness. This was made possible thanks to the 60 Foodbanks which partnered with the scheme, and more than 100 Barbershops that pledged. Whilst there were so many amazing barbershops that took part and provided haircuts to children, there were some that went above and beyond.

One of those was Hairforce, based in Lossiemouth Scotland. There, Debbie provided 33 haircuts to children in her local community. When we asked Debbie after the scheme had finished what her initial motivation was to get involved, she answered that she simply wanted to give back to her community. Whilst the campaign was especially aimed at providing haircuts to those who may not normally be able to have the barbershop experience, Hairforce also extended the scheme to some of their regulars to help with the cost of living crisis affecting everyone. Debbie told us her favourite part about participating was being able to see the delight from the kids after their haircut, as well as providing them with the products that we at Dapper Dan had sent as an extra gift to those participating. 

Another outstanding pledge was The Blind Pig Barbers in Darlington, who were able to provide 27 haircuts. Their Owner Craig saw a Kuts 4 Kids post on Instagram, and wanted to give something back to his community after the great reception they’ve had since opening their doors in April of 2021. Craig’s shop received coverage from local and national media outlets for his participation in the Kuts 4 Kids scheme, which helped more families in Darlington become aware of the scheme. Much like other pledges, Craig’s favourite part of the campaign was seeing the children’s smiles once they were shown the finished product, as well as the sense of pride Craig felt being a part of the Kuts 4 Kids scheme.  

Leanne, owner of Boomtown Barbers in Bonnyrigg Scotland, was also an outstanding pledge for the Kuts 4 Kids scheme. As a Dapper Dan stockist, Leanne knew about the Kuts 4 Kids scheme as soon as it was announced and knew that it would really help kids & families in Bonnyrigg. Leanne found great success in the Kuts 4 Kids campaign, providing 28 haircuts to children before their return to school, going well above the 20 haircuts that she initially pledged. It’s no surprise that Leanne also found the best part of participating in families' and children’s reactions after providing a stellar barbershop experience, a great haircut, and their free Dapper Dan product. 

These 3 outstanding pledges to this year’s Kuts 4 Kids scheme only scratch the surface of all the amazing work our pledges have done for their local communities. The Kuts 4 Kids scheme will return next year so make sure you’re following our dedicated Instagram page @Kuts4_Kids to keep up with any updates, especially if you think you’d like to take part next time! 

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